Henri Lefebvre’s 1954 doctoral thesis on peasant communities in the Pyrenees

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Couv.-Lefebvre.Internet1Henri Lefebvre, philosophe et sociologue de renommée internatioThis is very intriguing – it seems Lefebvre’s 1954 doctoral thesis on peasant communities in the Pyrenees is coming out in French. His secondary thesis La vallée du Campan was published in 1963, but this is the first publication of the primary thesis. It has previously only been available at the Sorbonne. It is discussed in this interview I conducted with Łukasz Stanek on the Society and Space open site.

Amazon.fr have it listed as published on 4 August 2014, but temporarily out of stock. Worldcat shows only the Sorbonne thesis copy, so publication may be delayed. A few more details here – where the front and back cover images can be found in larger size, and there is a link to buy the book (though it appears to be broken).

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